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Spring Break Extended! What does COVID-19 mean for the RMS Bronco Band?

Well, Bronco Band Nation, here we are. Confined to our homes and away from school, learning and routine. We aren't able to create music together as the family that we are, but that doesn't mean that we can't learn and grow together in the Fine Art, Music and Band Community to become better and stronger musicians, more intelligent learners & amazing citizens.

It is easy to sit down, play Fortnite (in my case Call of Duty WWII, in which I have prestiged twice since spring break started), binge watch Rick & Morty, or sleep all day, and not think twice about learning and growing. However, I implore each of you to sit down and make some time for each of your classes. Take some time to advance your skills in math. Or maybe read the book your ELA teachers gave you...for real this time. Research cool science videos, or watch the history of Jazz. Even moreso, don't forget to advance your music skills. Heck, take some time to go back and re-learn the things you didn't understand in your classes. YouTube some videos. Get some understanding. There are so many Resources that we have at our disposal it's not even funny. I will be posting these things just for you here on our website (that I haven't edited since Band Camp).

But Mr. Story, I don't have my instrument. I don't have any way of getting better at my instrument. My band director response, (Cause you know Me!) is: "Should've picked up your instrument crazy child, like I reminded you to do." My understanding father response (Because you know me), is to use the resources I post here on this website. Watch the YouTube videos, finish the BINGO card, learn why Fine Arts Education is so important for your musicianship, character, heart and soul.

I believe in what I do so much more than you can imagine. This COVID journey can be a crisis, or it can be an opportunity. To reimagine learning, public education and youth motivation.

Stick around and check out our blog as we continue to work our way through this school shutdown. I will continue to post Learning Resources, Links, and ideas for keeping your chops up. This is unchartered territory, so stick with us as we create cool things to keep you motivated to continue your music education. We love you. Band Never Ends.

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