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Distance Learning in the Bronco Band and it's going to Work

So over the past few weeks I know you have been wondering how distance learning in the band is going to look like. Now that 70% of the band has their instruments in hand, it is time for the unveiling. Drum Roll Please........


We will be using 2 main modes of communication: Zoom and our Website/This Blog.

Zoom is web conferencing app that allows up to 1000 people to talk and communicate via video chat, share desktops and more. I just started using this app myself and WOW,! Below is a picture of the SHHS Staff talking about virtual distance learning.

The other main place you will find tons of distance learning information for the Bronco Band is here on this website. Specifically . This page will have a blog post at least 2 twice a week that will give you vital information about how to stay engaged with us in the next few weeks.

Of course we will continue to use our Instagram, Facebook and Remind101 to keep you updated, but those will not be near as vital as you checking back everyday to see what is new. If you are not on any of these follow us @rmsbronco band on social media or click this link to get the code:

Software & Programs:

MusicFirst - I will post another blog showing each of you the cool things that we can do with music first. You will be able to submit recordings of musical assignments I post and receive a "virtual grade" on these.

SmartMusic - This is very similar to MusicFirst but also allows you to play with background music of a lot of method books and more. It's fun to play with background music and helps music feel fun. You will also be submitted recordings via SmartMusic.

Flipgrid - Flip grid will help us stay engaged through learning music together and more. I will send a video assignment out and friends and staff can encourage you through video comments.

Engagement Tools

I'm sure many of you have seen our videos of COVID Cribs, Inside the Band Director's houses. We will also be having Band Director TikTok Challenges, Zoom Band Hangouts, Zoom Trivia and so much more so that we can continue to stay engaged with our Band students.

Please remember that the most important thing to us is that you stay engaged. If you do none of these assignments it will absolutely break our hearts. If you do some of the assignments we are happy. If you do all the assignments we will be over the moon!

So here are your Virtual Assignments for tomorrow, March 25th:

  1. Download Zoom & Create an Account.

  2. Follow this blog by clicking "Signup" at the top of this blog Page. You will receive notifications when a new one is added.

  3. Search for ScorpionBandFam on YouTube and Subscribe to receive updates of new videos.

  4. Check this site later in the day for a new blog.

  5. Comment Below with a ThumbsUp when you have done all assignments above.

Alright Bronco Band Nation! We miss you and cannot wait to begin virtual learning.

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